How do I apply my corporate licenses to WSV on Deployment Server
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How do I apply my corporate licenses to WSV on Deployment Server


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Deployment Solution Workspace Virtualization (formerly SVS)




I'm trying to apply licenses to WSV on Deployment Server that way I can deploy WSV agent with license included.

1- Open DS Console.

2- Go to the Jobs Pane.

3- Open Samples Folder --> Open SVS Install --> You will have a pre-defined job call SVS Agent Install - 120 Day Trial.

4- You can rename the SVS Agent Install  - 120 Day trial to SVS Agent Install or leave it with the original name.

5- High light the job (SVS Agent Install) and click on Modify under Task area on the right hand side of the console.

6- After you click on modify a new window will come up for Distribute Software.

7- On the Additional command-line switches for the install of WSV you will have the following entry: PRODUCT_KEY=%PRODUCT_KEY%

8- Change the entry for %Product_key% with your WSV 20 digit key, it should look like: PRODUCT_KEY=%xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx%

9- Once you have the job modified with the proper key you can drag and drop the job to a single or group of machines.

10- Be aware that after SWV Agent is install on machines they will reboot.

11- If you have questions or comments please contact Tech Support.