Resource Keys used by Notification Server and other Components/Solutions


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




What are the Resource Key types used by Notification Server and Solutions?


KeyName Key Value Description Resource Types Component/Solution Key Owner Versions Related KBs
Ad_ipaddress   Printer Network Discovery 6  
distinguishedname   Computer, Virtual Machine, User Directory Connector 6, 7  
fqdn This is the hostname for a machine in a workgroup.  It is hostname.domain for a machine in a domain.  Adding a DNS suffix manually will change this key. Computer, Virtual Machine  Notification Server, ULM Agent 6, 7  
 hostname Computer name used by Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux computers  Computer, Virtual Machine  Notification Server, Inventory solutions, ULM Agent 6, 7  
 label      Patch  7  
 linux_swr_invrule      Patch  7  
 linux_swr_os      Patch  7  
mac_address   Computer, Virtual Machine Notification Server 5.5  
macaddress MAC address Computer, Virtual Machine

Inventory solutions, Network Discovery, ULM Agent

(Discontinued in ULM agent starting with SMP 7.5 SP1)

6, 7  
 msft_sb Windows KB Update  Patch  Patch  6, 7  
 msft_sw Windows update  Patch  Patch  6, 7  
 name Short name of Unix, Linux and Macintosh computers  Computer, Virtual Machine  Notification Server agents  6, 7  
name.domain This is the host name combined with the Domain or Workgroup Computer, Virtual Machine, User Notification Server, Directory Connector, ULM Agent 5.5, 6, 7  
 serialnum Id of pocketpc devices  computer  Inventory for PocketPC  6  
uniqueid MD5 hash of a computer's UUID (if available), motherboard serial number and MAC address. Computers with multiple network cards have multiple uniqueid keys. Computer, Virtual Machine Notification Server, ULM Agent 6, 7  
 vm.uuid UUID of a 64-bit virtual machine running on ESX  Computer, Virtual Machine  Notification Server, Network Discovery, VMM  7