How to configure a Heartbeat failure notification
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How to configure a Heartbeat failure notification


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Monitor Solution Monitor Pack for Servers




Is it possible to configure an e-mail notification for Heartbeat failure alerts?

While there isn't a built-in option with Monitor Solution for Heartbeat notifications, you can accomplish this goal via an Event Console Task Rule.

  1. In the Console, access:  Home > Monitoring and Alerting > Event Console > "Alert Rule Settings"
  2. Choose the "Task Rules" tab, then "Add". This will create a new Task Rule for incoming alerts
  3. Click on the title to rename the new Task Rule (e.g. "Heartbeat Rule")
  4. Under the "Rule" section, choose "Add", then "Alert category"
  5. Configure this new Rule condition for:  "if Alert category"  "equals"  "Heartbeat"
  6. Create a second Rule condition by choosing "Add", then "Alert severity"
  7. Configure this new Rule condition for:  "if Alert severity"  "equals"  "Critical"
  8. Then choose an appropriate Task to occur when this new Alert Rule's criteria is met. For this example, we'll create a new e-mail task by choosing "New" under the Task Rule's "Task" section
  9. In the "Create New Task" window, choose "Send E-mail"
  10. Enter the following information for the new Send E-mail Task:
    For the first field, enter a name for the new task (e.g. "Heartbeat E-mail")
    To[enter appropriate e-mail address(es). If left blank, it will use the default Notification Server e-mail address]
    SubjectHeartbeat Critical Alert:  %!ALERTHOSTNAME!%
    For the message body, enter:  Heartbeat Critical Alert occurred for:  %!ALERTHOSTNAME!% at %!ALERTTIMESTAMP!% (GMT)
  11. Choose "OK", enable the Task Rule, then "Save"

The following is a list of all available Event Console Task Rule tokens (they are not case-sensative):