Ping metric definition and explanation


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  1. How does the Ping Metric function?
  2. How many packets are sent during each polling interval? 
  3. What defines "Success" for the "Ping status" Return value type?


  1. The "Ping" metric is an Agentless metric type which utilizes the ICMP protocol. During each Polling interval, it will always poll for "Number of hops", "Percentage of packets" (received/sent), "Ping status", and "Return trip time" (min, max, avg). While it will always perform the polling of these values, the Monitor Agent will only collect / log the Return value type as specified in the Ping metric configuration.
  2. The Monitor Agent is hard-coded to send 4 ICMP packets per polling interval.
  3. A "Success" status is determined by 1 or greater packets received out of 4 packets sent. A "Failure" status is determined by 0 packets received. Success is logged with a value of "1", and Failure is logged with a value of "0".