Remote Desktop Shell Usage
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Remote Desktop Shell Usage


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How can I enable the Remote Desktop Shell in Symantec Workspace Corporate (SWC)?


Starting with SWC 6.1 the client installer automatically detects if it is being installed on an endpoint or Terminal Server. If the installer is running on an endpoint it will automatically enable Remote Desktop Shell. If the installer is running on a Terminal Server, it will disable Remote Desktop Shell. This behavior is by design.

  • Terminal server: RDP mode is disabled
  • EndPoint: RDP mode is enabled

If RDP mode is not enabled on an endpoint after installation (KB 46990 for steps to determine), any terminal server applications will not be accessible. Only local execute applications will display icons on the desktop.

Follow these steps to enable Remote Desktop Shell for an EndPoint:

  • Logon to the SWC admin console
  • Type in the machine name. Remember to change “In:” to workstations and click “Find”.
  • Click the workstation name in the results. It is a hyperlink that will take you to the configuration page.
  • Look for the check-box to be checked for “Remote Desktop Shell”
  • If this is not checked, left-click to toggle and then click “Update”.