How to export list of assets from Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Console


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Control Compliance Suite Windows




 Use the steps below to export list of assets from the Control Compliance Suite (CCS) 10.x and 11.x Console. 

  1. Create an Asset Group, depending on a criteria that includes all machines (for example All WIndows machines or all Machines belonging to the same domain etc.), on the Manage Tab of the CCS Console. This is important because using the instructions below, you will be able to export what is in the current asset group.
  2. Select this Asset Group created in Step 1 above.
  3. Then from the Manage tab only, browse to File--> Export To option present on the Menu Bar. (Refer screenshot below)

NOTE:  Please refer HOWTO82904 for Exporting assets as CSV in CCS 11.0 and later.