Additional ways to verify the database information for the Symantec Management Platform 7?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




After Symantec Management Platform 7 (SMP7 or NS7) is installed, what are some additional ways to verify the database information?

In some cases, there is the need to re-direct the SMP7 to a different database, create a new database, or just try to see if the database information is right if the SMP7 Console doesn't open.


To change the database information, please use the steps in HOWTO9822  first. If unsuccessful, use the following information to verify the database information'

1. Check the coreSettings.config file (under ..\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Config). Check or modify the entries under DbServer, DbUser, DbPassword, and DbCatalog. Those should reflect the current settings for your database or you could change them to match to the other database that you want to use.
Note: DbPassword should appear encrypted. Typing the password directly to the coreSettings.config will keep it in plain text. As well, make sure you stop the Altiris Service before start editing this file. After you are done, restart the Altiris Service so the changes can be applied.

2. Use NS Configurator. NS Configurator should display the settings currently stored on coreSettings.config. Check under the 'Database Settings' in the left treeview. With SMP7, you can install the NS Configurator by running NSConfigurator.exe under ..\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools. If you want to change the database information, just add the values that you need under the different settings displayed and apply them. You may need to restart the Altiris Service so those changes can be applied.

3. Check/modify the DBDsn regkey. Go to HKLM>Software>Altiris>eXpress>Notification Server and verify that this DBDsn regkey has the values that you want. Simply replace the existing (incorrect or new database) value with your desired one, then refresh your NS console.  An iisreset may be required.