Does Data Connector Solution 7.5 or ITMS 7.5 work with Symantec Control Compliance Suite, SCAP or ARF?


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Question: Does Data Connector Solution or ITMS 7.5 work with Symantec Control Compliance Suite (CCS) or Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) with its Asset Reporting Format (ARF)?
Answer: The Symantec Management Platform (Altiris) and its products such as the IT Management Suite and Data Connector Solution are not integrated to work with CCS, which is a separate stand-alone product. Because of this, they do not share data or resources. Furthermore, Altiris (ITMS, Data Connector, etc.) does not work with SCAP or ARF.

For information on using CCS with SCAP and ARF, refer to its product page found here:

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For information about using Data Connector Solution, refer to the following article:

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