How to activate the supervised mode on an iOS device to use some of Symantec AppCenter MDM features.


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Operating systems

iOS 6 or higher

What To Do

Important: Setting a device into the supervised mode will result in a complete device reset including the deletion of personal data stored on the phone.

  1. Download and install the Apple Configurator on your Mac. The software is for free and can be downloaded via iTunes
  2. Attach your iOS device to the Mac you have installed Configurator.
  3. Run the Apple Configurator. You have to prepare your device for the supervised mode first.
  4. In the header of the Configurator, click on the 'Prepare' button.
  5. In the appearing view switch the Supervision button to 'On'.
  6. Configure everything else as required.
  7. When you are ready to prepare the device for supervision, click 'Prepare' on the bottom of the Configurator.
    Note: If the device should be attached to the Apple Configurator again after it was added to the Symantec AppCenter, we recommend to disable the setting 'Remove apps and profiles Configurator did not install'. Otherwise the profiles installed during the Symantec AppCenter rollout will be removed and the device is not managed anymore. To change this setting open 'Apple Configurator' in the menu bar of your Mac and select 'Preferences'. Remove the mark of the check box next to the above mentioned setting.
  8. Confirm the appearing message to continue with the process by clicking the 'Apply' button.
  9. The device will now be wiped and set up as a new iOS device.
  10. After the process went through successfully the device is in the supervised mode.
  11. You can now register your device on a Symantec AppCenter server using the given product functionality of Symantec Appcenter.