SMS through Exchange with TouchDown
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SMS through Exchange with TouchDown


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Please note that this operation only works if the user has an Exchange 2010 server. Also, only versions of TouchDown 6.3.0007 and higher support SMS messaging.

To set up TouchDown to send and receive SMS messages through Exchange:

  1. Make sure you have a version of TouchDown which supports SMS installed and configured
  2. Go to the TouchDown advanced settings page and scroll down to the checkbox marked "enable SMS sync" and make sure it checked
  3. Save changes!
  4. Return to the TouchDown home screen and press menu/disable push, and then menu/enable push
  5. Go to your desktop computer and close Outlook 2010, then reopen it
  6. You should now be able to go to Outlook and press home, new, SMS message. Specify the phone number and start sending texts through Exchange!