Switching devices
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Switching devices


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The following are instructions on how to activate TouchDown when you replace your device, add a new device, or do a factory reset on your old device.

Please note: These instructions only apply if you activate with the same Google account that you used for the original purchase. NitroDesk does not have the capability to move your Google Play Store purchases to different Google accounts.

Step 1: Download and reconfigure

You should first go to the Google Play Store and install "Touchdown 4 Not-So-Smartphones" if you are using an older device running Android 1.6 or earlier, and "Touchdown For Smartphones" if you are using a newer device with Android 2.0 or higher. Once you've downloaded and installed the free trial, the app will read that it is in demo mode. Please read on to learn how to get licensed again.

Step 2: Getting Licensed

If you purchased the Exchange by TouchDown Key application from the Google Play Store, please open up the Play Store app on your new device and press "My Downloads" or "MyApps". Find the Exchange by TouchDown Key in the list. Touch the item and it will begin to download to your device. Make sure the item fully installs, then return to the applications drawer and find Exchange by TouchDown Key. Press it once to open it, and from then on your TouchDown application should read as "valid license" on the home screen. If not, usually just restarting the TouchDown application will restore the license.

If you ordered from our website, then your serial key is contained within your confirmation email. In this case, just press the shopping cart icon and enter your serial number and press Go! If you lost your confirmation email, then please give us your full name and the email address associated with your account. We will then resend that confirmation email to you along with your key.