How do I choose folders?
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How do I choose folders?


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Before TouchDown can synchronize data from the server, you must select the folders to synchronize. You can tap any folder to toggle the selected state. When selected for synchronizing, the icon for the folder will display a Green envelope next to the folder name.

NOTE: TouchDown does not support the Outbox folder for synchronization. This also applies to the Journal, Sync Issues and Recipient Info. We also don't see archives.

If the folder is already selected but you are not receiving data, uncheck the folder by tapping it and then recheck the folder will show an improvement. Make sure when you Tap OK and go back to the Synchronized folders section.  Once this is complete, return to the main Touchdown screen and perform a full sync. (Menu button/Sync or Sync at the upper right)

To select a folder,

  1. Open TouchDown. The Main screen displayed
  2. Tap Menu button and select Settings or, in Touchdown HD, select the Settings button at the upper right.
  3. Tap Synchronization
  4. Tap Synchronized folders
  5. Tap the folder you want to synchronize.
  6. Tap OK to save changes.

The folder should begin to synchronize.