How to Backup TouchDown settings
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How to Backup TouchDown settings


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Tapping the Backup Settings button will enable you to backup a copy of your settings on to the SD card. This will only make a backup of the settings that you have used to connect to your server. If for some reason you need to reconfigure TouchDown to work with the same server, you can later tap the Restore Settings button. That will restore the settings and attempt to resynchronize your data with the device.

To back up your TouchDown settings,

  1. Open TouchDown. The Today screen displayed.
  2. Tap Menu button and select Settings. or tap the settings button on the upper right
  3. Tap the Advanced>legacy settings screen>advanced
  4. Scroll down and tap "backup settings."
  5. Tap yes

To restore settings, return to the same screen and press Restore Settings. Note, Rules and Peak times do not backup. Categories also do not back up.

NOTE: You must tap Save at the bottom of the screen to apply any changes you have made in the Advanced Settings Menu.