How to search through your Exchange data in TouchDown for Android


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There are 3 ways to search through your Exchange data with TouchDown:

  • A standard search, typically done through this path: TD email page/menu/more/search will search through items you have synced to your device. These items are limited by the time period you've selected in TouchDown advanced settings for "emails to sync." Specifically, if you only sync 3 days of email, you will only be able to search through the last 3 days of searchable mail items synced to the device.
  • A server search, through this path: TD email page/menu/more/server search will search through all email items you have stored on the Exchange server, in any folder, whether those items have been synced to the device or not. Not all users can do a server search however as this activity depends on an ActiveSync connection with EAS protocol 12.0 or above. These searches can take a bit more time than a standard search, however this search feature is much more powerful as it is not limited to the folders you've selected for sync or the time period of mail you've selected for sync.
  • A device search is much more convoluted and confusing (but in the end, extremely helpful) way to search. A device search is the only way to search for all Exchange items synced to TouchDown (appointments, tasks, contacts and email). However the device search is limited by the device you are using. Specifically, you will need an Android device that has a hard search key on the front of the device. (Some devices such as the MyTouch 4G do not have a search button.) To do a device search, go to the TouchDown home screen and press the search button on your device. This will pull up a full device search window, very similar looking to the other search windows, which should be able to locate any appointment, task, contact or email that you've synced to the device within the limits of your time periods you've selected to sync email and appointments.