How to sync multiple calendars in TouchDown for Android


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It is possible to synchronize multiple calendars with TouchDown, but it is not recommended. It is important to note that currently, the only calendar that can provide a two-way sync (changes can be made from the phone or Outlook) is the default calendar. Any other personal calendars can be selected for sync using the choose folders option in TouchDown advanced settings. However, if you select multiple calendar folders, currently TouchDown has no way to separate the views and will show all appointments from all selected calendars merged into one view unless you select/unselect them one at a time. These additional calendars can only be viewed, not edited. Any attempt to change or update the additional calendars from your mobile device will not synchronize back to the server successfully. Therefore, we usually say that synchronizing multiple calendars is unsupported. However if you are comfortable with the drawbacks, feel free to synchronize as many calendar folders as you wish. We will be building out this functionality in future versions, but until then we thank you for your patience.