Exploring Tasks in TouchDown for iOS
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Exploring Tasks in TouchDown for iOS


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Today I wanted to explore the Tasks functionality in Touchdown for iOS, highlighting the various functionality surrounding Tasks in TouchDown for iOS.

On the top left is the folder indicator, which displays which tasks folder you are viewing. Next to it, from left to right, are the categorize filter, the sort button, the general filter, and the new task icon.

If you want to add a new tasks folder to synchronize, click the More icon on the bottom right, and choose settings.

Within settings, choose Synchronized Folders, and hit the arrow by the tasks icon to expand the Tasks subfolders. PLEASE NOTE: Due to an Activesync limitation, TouchDown does not have the capacity to create new folders.

Once you have it expanded, toggle it to ‘ON’ and close the synchronized folders window, then from the main screen of Touchdown for iOS, run a manual sync.

Once you have run a manual sync from the main screen of TouchDown for iOS, go back to the Tasks page and click on the folder selector icon. NOTE: Please always run a manual sync from the main screen of TouchDown after adding any folders on the synchronized folders screen so the contents of those folders can sync down to Touchdown.

Click on the folder you would like to open, and it will bring you to it.

Back on the main screen, hitting the new Task button allows you to create a new Task, with the following fields being customizable: Title, Start and Due date, Reminder, Importance, Sensitivity, Description, and by clicking on the little tag icon, category.

On the main tasks page, the following three icons represent filters for Tasks: The category filter allows you to choose which categories of tasks will be displayed. The A-Z icon sorts the tasks (in either ascending or descending order) according to subject, Start date, Due date, and Importance. The filter icon contains the following filters: All, complete, pending, overdue, due today, next seven days, active, no due, with due, and today and overdue. NOTE: You can have a sort, filter, and category filter active at once to really optimize your task filtering.

The last thing I wanted to highlight was the swipe ability for Tasks. By swiping on a task, you open some shortcuts, as follows: Categorize, Edit, and Delete.

As a final note, one limitation of Tasks in the current version of Touchdown for iOS is the inability to move tasks to different folders. This will be included in a future version, although at this time there is no ETA on when this functionality will come out.

Thanks for reading, and remember, if you have any questions or concerns about the iOS version, please feel free to send us a mail at [email protected].