Reconfigure TouchDown for iOS


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On occasion, you may wish to reconfigure TouchDown for iOS. With the Android version, this can be done simply by running quick configuration, but with the TouchDown for iOS version, the process is a bit different.

To start, you will want to reset the DB from the TouchDown main screen using the circle triangle button. If you are using a smaller device, you may need to hit the Right arrow on this menu to bring it over. Note: this will completely reset everything within TouchDown, meaning you will lose all custom TouchDown settings, saved documents in the DocuFence Secure Repository, and any contacts that have been copied to the native phonebook.

After hitting RESET DB, you will have an option to cancel or go through with the Reset.

Once you do so, it will revert to the configuration screen. There, enter in your configuration info, and if auto discover is enabled on your account, click on auto discover. If auto discover is not set up on your server, it will fail, so please choose Manual Configuration. Also, if you wish to obtain a log of the configuration to send to a support analyst, please enable logging with the toggle.

This is the main configuration screen. Enter in the information provided to you by your IT team for configuring Touchdown. If you are not sure what to enter in here, please contact your IT team, as we can not keep track of every server’s configuration information.

After hitting next, you will see the Security screen. Unless your IT team or a TouchDown support analyst suggests otherwise, we suggest not changing these settings.

After hitting the next button, TouchDown for iOS will configure. If it fails, you will have a button to copy the log, otherwise it will prompt you to choose the folders you would like to download. Also, if you are connecting to anything but an Exchange 2010 server, Notes will be unavailable. If you wish to add or remove folders that TouchDown is syncing later, you can do that via Touchdown settings>Synchronized folders.

That is how to reconfigure TouchDown. Let us know if you have any questions about this process, or TouchDown for iOS in general, at [email protected].