How to find settings in TouchDown for Android
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How to find settings in TouchDown for Android


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Make sure that you are at the main screen that shows the tabs or icons for email, calendar etc. then either press the abacus icon on the top, or the device menu>settings. If you are on a device that does not show these, look for the three vertical dots and press that (usually on the right) or the device icon on the lower right of two pieces of paper. Long pressing that will get you the menu where you can choose settings.

Some devices use the home button for two functions. Try long pressing on the home button and see if a menu comes up.

The Galaxy S5 and the Note 4 has a menu button on the lower left of the screen (on the device itself) that looks like two pieces of paper. If you long press on that icon while in Touchdown you should get a menu for Touchdown if you are on the Touchdown main screen.

For the LG G3, at the Touchdown Home screen, press the icon below and just to the right of your device home button. It should be third on the right. Long press the button and see if it gives you a menu.

If you have a Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Note 5, Note M2, LG Flex2, or an HTC M8, please note that the menu buttons are now on the screen in Touchdown HD. If you have Touchdown for smartphones installed, please uninstall it and install Touchdown HD instead. Your license will work for either program.

If you are on a tablet, advanced settings are found by the menu button on the upper right.

If you want to make it even easier on any device, uninstall Touchdown for smartphones and install Touchdown HD. The setting icon is on the main screen of Touchdown. Your license will work for either one but you’ll want to make note of any special settings you have before uninstalling as the settings can’t be transferred.