Interpreting error codes in the errorlog.txt log file for dcinterface
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Interpreting error codes in the errorlog.txt log file for dcinterface


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Web Gateway


You see one or more errors in the errorlog.txt log file. You seek to interpret the log error or errors.



The list below is for use as debugging codes for the Symantec Web Gateway (SWG) product or Central Intelligence Unit (CIU) component. This information is provided as is. No further interpretation of these codes is offered or available within the scope of this document.

Symantec Technical support cannot provide a more robust version of this document.


  • Error 12029 has occurred while getting timestamp from <IP>
    Interpretation: ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT. When dcinterface asked SWG or CIU for the timestamp of the most recent login entry it received, dcinterface was not able to connect. These checks happen frequently so its ok to miss one here and there, but if persistent then a network or firewall configuration issue may be present.
  • Failed to send data to host <IP>. error: 12022
  • Error 12002 has occurred
    Interpretation: ERROR_INTERNET_TIMEOUT or, "Request timed out."
  • Failed to send data to host <IP>. error: 10061
    Interpretation: WSAECONNREFUSED, "Connection refused."
    dcinterface attempted to communicate with another machine and the other machine ( or an intervening network device ) refused the connection.
  • Failed to send data to host <IP>. error: 10054
    Interpretation: WSAECONNRESET, or "Connection reset by peer."
    For a detailed troubleshooting document, please see TECH98373
  • Failed to send data to host <IP>. error: 10053
    Interpretation: WSAECONNABORTED, "Software caused connection abort."
    The operating system dropped the connection, usually due to connection timeout. Some of these sorts of events are expected, but if this error occurs persistently, the SWG or CIU is unreachable.
  • Failed to send data to host <IP>. error: 10022
    Interpretation: WSAEINVAL,"Invalid argument." During the TCP socket request, dcinterface supplied invalid arguments. This error may appear when you are already experiencing other network related symptoms. Troubleshoot and resolve other errors in the log first, starting with 10054, above.

Please contact support if you need a specific error diagnosed, please provide a copy of the dcinterface.txt log file to Symantec Technical Support. Be prepared for support to ask for additional pieces of correlating evidence, such as:
- dcinterface.cfg
- netstat -ao >netstat.txt
- export the registry key \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\SERVICES\Tcpip\Parameters to a text file.
- network diagram showing dcinterface, the SWG machine at the IP address in the log entry, and every network device in between
- a packet capture taken from the machine where dcinterface is installed.


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