Encrypted machines fail to boot with error 0xB0000001.


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Endpoint Encryption


What causes this error and how can it be fixed?

Machines in the failed state will not boot. The machine requires emergency decryption.


Fatal error has occurred. Machine will need to be restarted.

Brief description: the application returned a status of [0xB0000001] in the state STATE_INITIALISED.

Detailed description: none.



Files in the EAFS volume responsible for SEE Preboot become mismatched. This is a product defect in version 7.0.4 and 7.0.3.


SEE Version 7.0.5 and later resolve this issue by better protecting the EAFS volume files during startup and shut down of the operating system. The SEE 7.05 Recovery CD allows a user to reconfigure the EAFS volume files by selecting the /A option.  Selecting the Recover /A option will re-form the EAFS volume files and allow the machine to boot normally.  A special build of the SEE 7.04 Recovery CD has also been made available with the option to select recover /A. Please contact Technical Support if you wish to obtain the updated SEE version 7.0.4 recovery CD.

Version 7.0.5 has been released and the fix to this issue has been confirmed in that build.

Technical Information
No logging is available in the preboot portion of the product where this error occurs.