Unable to execute a backup to a remote FTP server with Symantec Brightmail Gateway 8.x if the username and password are not set.


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You need to run a backup and upload the file via FTP to a remote server using anonymous FTP credentials, but you receive an error similar to the following:

ERROR: Missing username for ftp ERROR: Unable to send to FTP://host.domain.com/db-backup.brightmail.Nov-07-09-06-41.config-incidents.manual.tar.bz2


The db-backup process does not attempt anonymous ftp if authentication credentials are not supplied.


This issue has been addressed with the Brightmail Gateway 9.0.2-9 release. Customers experiencing this issue are encouraged to update the the latest release at their earliest convenience.  

For customers unable to immediately update to the 9.0.2-9 release or later, as workaround, in the Backup To configuration, check the Requires authentication box and provide the following credentials:

User name: ftp
Password: [email protected]