Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager shows old definition dates even though the clients have current definitions.


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Endpoint Protection


Why does the SEPM report that clients are out of date when they are actually running with current definitions?

When viewing the Home tab or in the Client view when sorting by Protection Technology, the SEP clients show definitions that are out of date. In some cases these dates show 1/1/1970.


This is known to happen if the Symantec Reporting Agent is still installed from a previous Symantec System Center installation. If this is not the case, and you are seeing definition dates of 1/1/1970, then upgrade to Symantec Endpoint Protection RU5 to address this issue.


1. In Add/Remove Programs, locate and remove the Symantec Reporting Agent.
2. Restart the Symantec Endpoint Protection Service.

If you cannot locate this in Add/Remove Programs, please verify you are running Symantec Endpoint Protection RU5. If so, then contact Symantec Technical Support for further assistance.

Technical Information
If this does not resolve the issue, you may need to repair the SEPM installation with Add/Remove programs.

In some circumstances, the clients need to be deleted from the manager and allowed to check back in before the definition dates are corrected.