Error: "You are not authorized to perform that operation" when attempting to open a quarantined document in Symantec Mail Security for Domino


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Mail Security for Domino


When you try to open a quarantined document the following error appears: "You are not authorized to perform that operation". You seek steps to resolve this error.

All documents quarantined could not be opened and the no data is showing on quarantine view



You do not have the appropriate roles to access information and to perform specific functions within the Quarantine


To assign Quarantine roles

  1. Log on to the account that you plan to use to administer Mail Security.
  2. In the Lotus Notes workspace, right-click on the Mail Security Quarantine database
  3. Click Database > Access Control.
  4. In the Access Control List dialog box, ensure that the appropriate users or groups to manage the Quarantine are added to the Access Control List as Managers with Delete documents rights.
  5. In the Roles box, select one or more roles for each user or group to manage the Quarantine.
  6. On the Access Control List dialog box, click OK.

The Symantec™ Mail Security 8.0 for Domino® Implementation Guide

Technical Information
A user who has reader/author access privileges to a document that is quarantined (or is the member of a group with access privileges) can view the document in the Quarantine without any Quarantine role privileges.

To view the quarantined document, however, the user must be able to access the Quarantine database.