Liveupdate is not downloading virus definitions when Scan Engine 5.2.x or Symantec Protection for Sharepoint (SPSS) is installed on Windows Server 2008


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Scan Engine


Liveupdate is not downloading the virus definitions

Liveupdate is not downloading the virus definitions.

One of the following folders, depending on OS, are missing:

  1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common files\Symantec Shared\Licenses
  2. C:\Program Files\Common files\Symantec Shared\Licenses


The License folder is not getting created during installation


Issue Resolution:

1. Stop "Symantec ScanEngine" service.
2. Move all license file(s) (.slf) to a backup folder.
3. Clear the Internet Explorer cache and Java cache.
4. Restart the "Symantec ScanEngine" service.
5. Install the current license file(s) (.slf) , making sure you have the correct product and the content license in it.
6. Check that the appropiate Licenses folder exists:  (Either)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common files\Symantec Shared\Licenses
C:\Program Files\Common files\Symantec Shared\Licenses

7. Stop "Symantec ScanEngine" service.
8. Copy the current license file(s) (.slf) , with the correct product and the content license in it, into the "Licenses" folder
9. Start the "Symantec ScanEngine" service.


For guidance on clearing Java Cache:
How do I clear the Java cache?