Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 files quarantined by Multimedia file rule.
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Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 files quarantined by Multimedia file rule.


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


Some PPSx and PPTx files are being detected as multimedia, but not all of them, why?

Whenever you send a PPTx or PPSx file with embedded movies or sound files, the file is quarantined as violating the Multimedia file rule.



The multimedia file rule scans within containers, not just the top level file. In addition, it does not detect based on file extension, it's detections are based on true file typing. In other words, if you attempt to send an MP3 file by renaming the file to .txt the file will still be detected as a multimedia file.


Disable the multimedia file rule and use the "Quarantine Triggered Attachment Names" content filtering rule with the "Sample Multimedia File Names" match list
Edit the powerpoint file to no longer contain Multimedia content as defined in the references section of this document.

To multimedia file rule and enable a content filtering rule to replace it

  1. In the Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) console, select Policies -> File Filtering Rules.
  2. Select Multimedia File rule, click the status column, and change the dropdown to Disabled.
  3. Navigate to Policies -> Content Filtering Rules.
  4. Right click the Quarantine Triggered Attachment Names rule and select Edit.
  5. In the "Content" field, remove the "Outbreak Triggered Attachment Names" match list from the rule.
  6. Click the Add match list... button.
  7. Select the Sample Multimedia File Names match list, and click Select.
  8. Verify that the rule is applying at the level you would like (inbound, outbound, or internal messages) in the upper right hand corner of the rule, make changes as necessary and then click OK.
  9. In the Content Filtering Rules menu, Select the Quarantine Triggered Attachment Names rule, click the status column, and change the dropdown to Enabled.
  10. Click Deploy Changes.

SMSMSE will now detect Multimedia files only at the top file level, and only based upon file name, not true file typing. PPT files will not trigger against this rule regardless of their content.

File types detected by the Multimedia file rule:

Amiga MED/OctaMED Tracker Module Sound File *.MED
AU Audio File, Audacity Audio Block *.AU
Audio Interchange File *.AIFF, *.AIFC, *.AIF
Audio Video Interleave File *.AVI
Impulse Tracker Music Module *.IT
MPEG AlbumWrap Wrapped Music File Archive *.MP3
MPEG Movie Clip, MPEG-4 Audio Layer File *.MPEG
MultiTracker Music Module *.MTM
Musical Instrument Digital Interface *.MIDI
QuickTime Video Clip *.QT, *.MOV
RealMedia File *.RA
OGG Vorbis Codec Compressed WAV File *.OGG
Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit Song/Module *.STX
ScreamTracker v3 Sound File *.S3M
Shorten Audio Compression File *.SHN
Waveform Audio *.WAV
Windows Media File *.WMV