How to install a managed client in other folder than default folder of SEP 12 client.


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Managed client can be installed in a different folder from unit C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection.



There is a limitation on installation of SEP client version


For a Management SEP Client can customize the installation folder, you should follow the steps below:
1. Installing a unmanaged client starting from the SEP 12 installation package.
2. Select Unmanaged client.
3. Select Custom type.
4. Select the features that will be installed and then select Change to install in a custom folder.
5. After to finish the installation, go to SEPM console and select the option Install protection client to computers to create a new installation package.
6. In the window Install Package File Format, select Generate all files separately option.
7. After finishing the creation of the installation package, open the folder where the package was created.
8. Inside the folder, copy the SyLink.xml file and paste into a folder that the SEP client has access.
9. In the SEP Client, select Help and then Troubleshooting…
10. In the Troubleshooting, select Import… on Communication Settings.
11. Open the SyLink.xml file copied previously, close all Symantec windows and then restart the computer.
12. After restart, open the SEP Client and verify if the client is already Manageable.