Error: "Unexpected Inconsistency; Run fsck Manually" while booting a Symantec Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


While booting a Messaging Gateway (SMG) stops and displays a message on the console indicating that the system failed the file system check (fsck) on startup and needs to be manually repaired.




The hardware environment shows this error when the file system is corrupted.

The virtual environment show this error when the backup is performed by using ESX server snapshots of the appliance. It is recommended to configure the backup from the web interface of the Symantec Messaging Gateway: Administration --> Host, Version, Backup. Several options are available to perform the backup on ftp server, local server or schedule it in different ways.

This error can also occur with a virtual instance without having created any backups using any method. In those cases it is simply corruption of the image. One possible cause of that corruption is sudden power loss or issues with the underlying disk subsystem.


You need to review if any error is reported in the hardware diagnostic following this document:

How to perform Hardware Diagnostics for the Messaging Gateway Appliance

To verify the state of the RAID array in BIOS

  1. Power on the system and press <F2> during POST to enter the System Setup.
  2. CTRL + M 
  3. Configure > View > Check consistency 
  4. Objects > Physical drive

If the System Diagnostics reports any errors, please document the errors via screenshot or photograph, then contact Symantec Technical Support. If no error is reported a complete rebuild of the appliance will be necessary.

This will require that you have the OSRestore.iso installation file for the version of SMG you were running.

This should be available to you on the Fileconnect site using your support serial number (a capital "M" followed by 10 digits).




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This error can arise in a hardware or Virtual environment.