How to perform an OSRestore on the Symantec Web Gateway 8450 and 8490 appliances


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How do you OSRestore the Symantec Web Gateway appliance back to the shipped defaults?


You will need to download and burn the ISO file of the SWG version you need to OSRestore to. The latest OS versions can be download from You will need to provide the serial number from your most recent .SLF file to proceed.

1. Insert a DVD that is burned with a copy of the OSRestore ISO file
2. Boot the appliance and type F11 when prompted to enter the boot menu. Then choose the SATA Optical drive as the boot device.

The installation will commence and take approximately 1 hour. After a reboot, you will be prompted for login to localhost.

3. For Login type: admin
4. For Password type: admin1!
A text based menu will then display.

5. Go to the Change/Test IP Configuration Menu, Select 5
6. In the IP Menu, Select 3
7. For IP, type the IP address for the management interface

Here are a few screen shots of the menus:

8. Attach the Management port to your local switch or router
9. Open a web browser and go to https:// and the IP address you provided above, example
10. You will now need to proceed through the setup wizard
11. Answer all questions and provide the requested information.