How to improve network performance with Protection Engine implemented in a NetApp environment
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How to improve network performance with Protection Engine implemented in a NetApp environment


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Protection Engine for NAS


Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) has been implemented with in a NetApp, and you've noticed some performance degradation when scanning large non-container files. You're looking for steps to mitigate or resolve this issue.


NetApp filer in 7 mode or C mode.

Protection Engine 9.x or 8.2.x


By default, SPE copies all files from the filer to the scanner locally before scanning the file. This can have performance implications if network bandwidth becomes saturated.


Enabling FilerPerfomanceThreshold from the new Console (SPE 9.2 or newer)

  • In Toolbar click Changeā€¦ button
  • Select the required Group or Scanner
  • Go to Admin and select System Settings in Views.
  • In System Settings Page provide desired value for Filer Performance Threshold (In Bytes)
  • In Toolbar click on Apply Changes
  • Click Apply Changes in Pending Changes popup window

Enabling FilerPerformanceThreshold from the Commandline (SPE 8.2 and above)

  • Stop the Scan Engine service
  • Open a command prompt and change the directory to the Scan Engine program folder
  • Enter the following command:
    xmlmodifier.exe -s /configuration/ProtocolSettings/RPC/FilerPerformanceThreshold/@value <required-value> configuration.xml
  • Start the Scan Engine service


  • This parameter is applicable in RPC protocol only.
  • If the file size is greater than the configured value in bytes, then the file is scanned in place by the Scan Engine. If the file size is less than the configured threshold the file is copied to the scanner prior to scanning.
  • If this parameter is set to 0, then all files are locally copied and then scanned.
  • When you are using RPC you can set a parameter in the configuration.xml file for the FilerPerformanceThreshold. A value of 0 will copy the file from the filer to the SPE server and scan the file and send back a result. If you put it to a value of 1, any file over 1 byte will be scanned on the filer eliminating the file having to copy to the SPE server for scanning. FilerPerformanceThreshold allowed values are: 0 to 9223372036854775807(in bytes). Default: 0.  

Additional Information

Reference: Specify file size threshold for in-place scanning