Liveupdate's update folder within /opt/ is taking up too much space on the SSIM v4.x appliance.


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You have checked the drive space for the appliance and noticed the /opt/Symantec/LiveUpdate partition is large and the /opt partition might be close to full.



If Liveupdate session fails halfway through an update, the unfinished file(s) end up in the following folder, # /opt/Symantec/simserver/liveupdate/backup If this occurs on a constant basis, it will cause the /opt/ partition to fill up, leading to other serious performance issues. /opt/ only has 10 gigabytes designated, so 4 gigabytes is a large percentage of used space for the SSIM /opt partition.


The subfolders within the folder "/opt/Symantec/simserver/liveupdate/backup/dimcontent" will need to be deleted.

  1. Start up PuttySSH and log in as "db2admin"
  2. Bring in root's environment by issuing the comand

    su -

  3. Next, change directories to the dimcontent directory by issuing the command,

    cd /opt/Symantec/simserver/liveupdate/backup/dimcontent
  4. Confirm that you are in the above directory by issuing the this command,

  5. Perform a list command to determine what year the unfinished updates start with,

    ls -l
  6. It is absolutely vital that one makes sure one is in the /opt/Symantec/simserver/liveupdate/backup/dimcontent directory.
    Note: Be careful when issuing a "rm" command, you could irrevocably delete files necessary for SSIM to function!

    Based off what was found out in step five, provide the year after the "rm -rf <year>*"

    For example the year 2009 was used on the command below due to all the unfinished LiveUpdate content starting with 2009.

    Perform the command,

    rm -rf 2009*
  7. After you have deleted the LiveUpdate session files, type the command:

    df -h

    Check to see if /opt/ free space is below 70%.