Java -1 Errors and HTTP 500 errors when connecting to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager on a Windows Server 2008 64 bit


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Endpoint Protection


When attempting to log into Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 11, you receive the error message "Failed to connect to the server."

Windows Event Viewer Application Log:

Event ID: 4096
Source: SemSrv
Description: The Java Virtual Machine has exited with a code of -1, the service is being stopped.

2008-02-12 11:14:01.703 SEVERE: Unknown Exception in: com.sygate.scm.server.servlet.StartupServlet
java.lang.Exception: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error, URL: http://localhost/secars/secars.dll?action=34

IIS Logs:
2008-02-12 18:07:10 W3SVC2 GET /secars/secars.dll action=34 80 - Java/1.5.0_14 500 0 193


IIS is set to 32-bit mode on Windows Server 2008 64 bit operating system when installing Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. This can also occur if another website is subsequently installed that requires 32-bit compatibility (for example, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).


Switch IIS to 64 bit mode
  1. Open IIS > Application Pool and look for Default App Pool.
  2. Right click on DefaultApp Pool and choose Advanced Settings...
  3. Change the “Enable 32-bit Applications” to False.

This should disable the 32-bit functionality & enable the 64-bit functionality.

NOTE: BY DEFAULT "Enable 32-Bit Applications" is set to FALSE.