E-Mail in Domino mailbox stuck with verdict "Content filtering - Scan pending" and Server crashes at startup.
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E-Mail in Domino mailbox stuck with verdict "Content filtering - Scan pending" and Server crashes at startup.


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Mail Security for Domino


Issue #1 description: Mails are stuck in the mailbox with the verdict scan pending.
Issue #2 description: Mail server crashes at startup in the initialization process and looks like it is related to nnpas enabling.

Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) has problems processing mails: they are held in the mailbox with the verdict "scan pending".
  • Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition (SAVCE) is also installed.
  • Mail server crashes at startup.


When the following conditions are present:

• latest definition updates from LiveUpdate have been loaded

• specific versions of SMSDOM and SAVCE (see below) are running on the same machine

...code paths are executed which lead to nntask.exe becoming non-responsive. The impact of this state is that email becomes stuck in the inbox with the verdict “scan pending”. The solutions listed below outline several different approaches which if implemented will avoid the code paths which generate the non-responsive state.


Listed below are a few solutions to choose from:

Recommended Solution #1
The first solution is to upgrade your SMSDOM product to the latest major version which is SMSDOM 8.0.x. For assistance on where to get this latest version go through your normal support channels. This version has been tested on the replicated environment and proven to not have this same behavior.

Recommended Solution #2
SMSDOM team has released new builds of SMSDOM 5.1 and SMSDOM 7.5 that address these and other issues. These builds are highly recommended as the best choice to use for customers who need this problem fixed but whom can not upgrade to SMSDOM 8 due to system requirements or company processes that are time consuming. Please go through your normal support channels to get the latest builds of these product versions.

Recommended Solution #3
The next solution we have is to replace the nntask.exe file. Because this solution requires an nntask.exe for each version out there, we created two compressed files named SMSDOM5.1.zip and SMSDOM7.5.zip. These compressed files contain nntask.exe files for each minor build available. Download the necessary compressed file, extract it, and then look in the folder that corresponds to the version you are using to get the nntask.exe file you need. This file will replace the one that is currently on your system. For example if you are using SMSDOM download the SMSDOM7.5.zip file below, extract it, and then look in the 7.5.7 folder to get your new nntask.exe from and then follow the steps below. The SMSDOM team has removed a function from being called which ultimately leads to the erroneous code from being executed and therefore avoids the problem.

Steps to follow:
1. Shut down Domino Server
2. Go to Domino install folder
3. Replace the existing NNTask.exe with the patched NNTask.exe which matches your SMSDOM version
4. Start Domino Server

Here are the compressed files:

Notice about Workaround and Solution #4 Removal
Due to newer cases we have found more calls in the product to the navap32.dll library file that occur within initialization. The symptoms are slightly different in that these cases are causing crashes at startup and seem to happen right around the same time there are nnpas enable calls occurring which is misleading. Therefore Solution #4 is no longer recommended. Workarounds are generally used when we have no other choice and therefore this has been removed. Solution 3 is only to be used as a quick/easy hotfix. Solution 2 is highly recommended being it has these and other issues resolved. Solution 1 is also highly recommended for those customers who can upgrade to the latest major version.

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SMSDOM7.5.zip get_app
SMSDOM5.1.zip get_app