How to configure SMSDOM 8.x to retrieve Virus Definitions from LiveUpdate Administrator Server


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Before beginning the below steps you will need to setup an internal LiveUpdate server. You will need the Symantec LiveUpdate Administrator 2.2.2 software or newer for this to work with SMSDOM 8.0. This software has many different settings and therefore you should review the documentation for it if you have any questions. For more details, steps to install and configure LiveUpdate Administrator, and a short video demonstrating this go to KB article TECH95677.

Solution for SMSDOM 8.0 Installed on Windows

Host settings file to be modified using Java LiveUpdate Configuration Editor for SMSDOM 8.x to utilize the virus definitions from LiveUpdate Administor Server.

1. Browse to the Java LiveUpdate installed location through command prompt

    Default location for Windows
    a. For 32bit - C:\Program files\Common files\Symantec Shared\Java LiveUpdate\
    b. For x64bit - C:\Program files (x86)\Common files\Symantec Shared\Java LiveUpdate\

2. Run the following command "java -cp jlu.jar ConfigEditor"
3. Java LiveUpdate Configuration Settings screen will be displayed, as below:

4. Copy the hostfile (.hst) generated by LiveUpdate Administrator to the local machine where SMSDOM is installed.
5. Click on "Add New Property" on the Configuration Editor, a new "Property Configuration" screen is displayed.
6. In the "Name" field enter "hostfile" and in the "Value" field enter full path to the .hst file and Click "OK".

7. Click on the "Save" button to save configuration.
8. Perform LiveUpdate from SMSDOM GUI in the SMSDOM Settings Database. Virus definitions will be retrieved from the LiveUpdate Administrator server.

Solution for SMSDOM 8.0 Installed on AIX

LiveUpdate configuration file to be modified by an editor like VI so that SMSDOM 8.x will utilize the virus definitions on LiveUpdate Administrator server

1. By default "liveupdate.conf" file is located under the "/etc" folder
2. Locate and open the file "liveupdate.conf" file using an editor like VI
3. Modify the existing entry of the file to list the local LiveUpdate Administor definition distribution center location

    example: hosts/0/url=http://hostname:port/clu-prod

4. Save the file
5. Perform LiveUpdate from SMSDOM GUI in the SMSDOM Settings Database. Virus definitions will be retrieved from the LiveUpdate Administator server.

Here is a short video demonstrating this:
Configuring SMSDOM 8.0 for AIX to use LU Administrator.WRF




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