Release notes for Symantec Mail Security 8.0 for Domino


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Mail Security for Domino


This document contains the release notes for Symantec Mail Security 8.0 for Domino in-line releases.



 Release notes for Symantec Mail Security for Domino

 *** Now Certified on Lotus Domino 8.5.3 ***

Symptom:  High CPU usage with no email traffic
Solution:  Changed the code which looks for work in the mail box files

Symptom:  Domino consumes more resources than desired when opening MIME messages
Solution:  Additional logic has been added to the code to determine more than one method of opening messages based on the SMSDOM settings.  This better optimizes Domino processes and requires Fewer resources by Domino. 

Symptom:  Memory leak discovered in content filtering preconditional logic
Solution:  Code changes were provided in the scanners.dll library module to resolve issue

Symptom:  Clean MS PowerPoint (PPT) file gets quarantined because of DEC error "Failed to open container" instead of giving a clean verdict.
Decomposer binaries files are upgraded to version 5.0.13

Symptom:  Crashes related to "File Handle is Invalid inReplaceRepairedAttachmenterror"
Algorithm related to create temporary files for scanning has been changed to disallow duplicate instances.

Symptom:  SMSDOM panics due to the server address returned from the "From:" field in a message being invalid or improper format.
:  The code has been changed to return an error instead of causing the server to crash.

Symptom:  There were several defects found in KeyView component which is used by the attachment content filtering module
:  The KeyView component was upgraded to the latest version.

Symptom:  Crash occurs in kvoop process when sending email with POC files attached through the system.
Solution:  The Verity component has been upgraded to 10.13 to resolve this issue.


Release notes for Symantec Mail Security for Domino

Symptom: JLU/Defutils fails to update virus definition in case of SMSDOM 32-bit on AIX platform, when user list belonging to avdefs group exceeds 512 bytes.
Solution: Added the patch from DefUtils to resolve this issue.

Symptom: SMSDOM 8.0.7 may crash in certain formats (BZIP2, 7z, MMS, CAB) if any corrupt/bad child is present inside them.
Solution: Corrected the code introducing these engines’ names in the corresponding structure.

Symptom: Large number of files in Microsoft Excel format (.xls) are quarantined due to “Unable to decrypt” scan error, if they contain any worksheet level protection. This issue is due to false positive verdict and introduced in SMSDOM 8.0.7.
Solution: This problem was introduced with encryption detection mechanism in MS office format from Decomposer 5.0 release. This modified the code in decomposer callbacks to ignore such encryption in MS office format.

Symptom: SMSDOM version imposes severely stringent criteria while identifying malformation in any mail attachment acting as a container. It may cause large no. of files from mail traffic being violated as “Malformed Container” scan error. This behavior may also lead to document containing such files being unnecessarily quarantined, if this disposition corresponds to “Quarantine the document”.
Solution: This behavior was the outcome of malformity detection kept ON in the code by default in SMSDOM 8.0.7. Now, its default value is OFF.

Symptom: SMSDOM 8.0.7 may crash in case any DDR rule exists and enabled as a part of Content Filtering (CF) policies. This crash is more prone to occur, when message body is large and exceeding certain threshold.
Solution: This was a buffer overflow issue now patched. This problem existed in earlier code, but remained unnoticed due to exception handling mechanism suppressing it. 

Symptom: Significant chunk of MIME mail traffic may generate “Unable to extract content” scan error. This may lead to quarantining these mails, if corresponding scan error disposition is set to “Quarantine the document”. Current workaround suggested is to put “SAVMimeIdStrength = 0” in notes.ini.
Solution: This issue was from decomposer side. Now excluded any MIME related checks for message body to resolve this defect in SMSDOM code itself.

Symptom: Scan errors trigger all enabled alerts even if the alerts are set for other violation types.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Failure in sending improperly configured “Alerts” shows irrelevant error message on Domino console, that your “MailServer” entry in the notes.ini server document may be incorrect.
Solution: Made the error message more relevant to correct any improper configuration while configuring “Alerts”.

Symptom: Incoming folder is not created after the installation of 32-bit SMSDOM 8.0.7 on Windows. This stops any further definition update by means of definition database replication or Rapid Release (RR).
Solution: Received the patch from DefUtils that will now create “Incoming” folder on installation.


Release notes for Symantec Mail Security for Domino

Exception criterion (conditional rule evaluation with “Unless/If”) under the “Basics” tab in CF rule has limitation to deal with varying patterns. Prior versions would only use literal string.
Solution: CF enhancement:  Added capability to specify regular expression in this CF rule exception criterion. It means users now have great deal of flexibility to create patterns to address their varying needs.

Symptom: Prior versions of SMSDOM will let a message with malformed container go through without any reported action.
Solution: Fixed. SMSDOM now performs the action specified in the content filtering policy and logs a message in the SMSDOM log database.

Symptom: Premium AntiSpam was only 32bit on prior versions of SMSDOM and therefore this component was not included with the 64bit versions of SMSDOM.
Solution: Premium AntiSpam has now been ported over as a 64bit component and is now available with 64bit SMSDOM.

Symptom: While scanning zip files created by some utilities e.g. Autodesk Inventor, SMSDOM evokes a scan error and takes an action based on the scan error.
Solution: Upgraded the corresponding component which was throwing the scan error so that these files can now be properly scanned.

Symptom: On AIX platform, SMSDOM is more prone to crash due to stack exhaustion issue if the container depth is set beyond 20.
Solution: A static message is now displayed under this setting in the UI which alerts the user to refer to the concerned documentation to properly set related parameters if requiring to change this depth to a higher value.

Symptom: When 64bit SMSDOM is installed on Windows, Domino crashes frequently due to panic emanated from extension manager (nnem).  The panic message shown here looks like “PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range”.
Solution: Corrected this handle size mismatch by changing compiler flags.

Symptom: Domino crashes or hangs on AIX platform at the startup when transaction logging is enabled on SMSDOM databases, more particularly on settings database (sav.nsf).  Another symptom may be a semaphore deadlock during startup.
Solution: Changed the initialization sequence order in nnem so that events are not triggered from our registering of our callback routines while accessing our settings (sav.nsf) at the same time.

Symptom: Exclusions of a few more server tasks from scanning by default. This will reduce the unnecessary scanning overheads for any notes update/delete events originated from these select tasks. The following 11 server tasks are now included in the process exclusion list: billing, catalog, cladmin, cldbdir, collect, daosmgr, report, quryset, statlog, stats, trends
Solution: These exclusions are now added to the default process exclusions in the SMSDOM code.

Symptom: Alerts are note generated and sent when option “Internet Domain” is selected under “Alerts->Alert Conditions” tab.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: While running on Domino DPARs on AIX platform, SMSDOM crashes randomly due to a panic that results from any kind of failure acquiring a semaphore lock.
Solution: Separated semaphores where necessary to make them DPAR specific, rather than shared across all DPARs.  This also added code changes making the product more resilient which will give SMSDOM the ability to continue working uninterrupted if this condition occurs.

Release notes for Symantec Mail Security for Domino

Symptom: Several important defects were fixed in the KeyView filter component used by the attachment content filter module
Solution: KeyView filter was upgraded to latest available version.

Symptom: SMSDOM panics showing up the error “Entry not found in index”, while scanning any notes.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: SMSDOM panics when any database on which the scan is progressing is taken off-line.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Certain CF rules generate scan error (engine exception) causing false violations. These are typical CF rules which are conditionally applied (If/unless on CF Basic Tab) for Users/Groups/Internet Domains
Solution: Fixed

Symptom: Improved memory scaling up for 32-bit SMSDOM on Windows by making it Large-address-aware
Solution: Changed project settings.

Symptom: SMSDOM sometimes crashes when its multiple scan threads are scanning PDF files in parallel.
Solution: Upgraded the decomposer to 3.16.12. This fix is available only on 32-bit windows.

Symptom: At times, SMSDOM crashes during schedule scan due to some erratic environmental condition related to Domino and OS.
Solution: NULL validation checks have been introduced in the code at necessary places in in-memory and on-disk scanning paths.

Release notes for Symantec Mail Security for Domino

New support for 64-bit Domino in this release

·                     Native 64-bit support on AIX 6.1/5.3 with Domino 8.5.1

·                     Native 64-bit support on Windows 2008/2003 with Domino 8.5.1

Symptom: Replication of VSP generates SMSDOM Panic in case of DPAR configuration on AIX due to a permissions issue when different Notes users launch different Domino/Nntask instances.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Domino server crashes on Windows when Tivoli client starts back-up while SMSDOM is running. This issue was due to an access privilege difference and is typically seen in an environment where Domino is configured to run as a service and another Domino process, like Tivoli, is started by a lower-privileged user.
Solution: Modified the extension manager code to fix Mutex access issue causing this crash.

Symptom: SMSDOM installation doesn't proceed on AIX while any process is running that contains the string "server."
Solution: Fixed..

Symptom: Messages are stuck in with "Scan Pending" state, when any Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods) file is scanned for any Attachment Content CF rules.
Solution: Updated the corresponding component version to resolve this issue.

Symptom: Folder links created in Domino are not scanned in Scheduled/Manual scan on AIX platform.
Solution: Modified AIX-specific code to identify and consider such links for the scanning.

Release notes for Symantec Mail Security for Domino

Symptom: Several important defects were fixed in the KeyView filter component used by the attachment content filter module
Solution: KeyView filter used by attachment content filter module was upgraded to latest available version.

Symptom: Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) panics intermittently and generates blank smspanic.txt file when the document being scanned gets deleted suddenly.
Solution: Fixed. SMSDOM is not allowed to panic and proper error logging is provided.

Symptom: SMSDOM 8.0 crashes while scanning a file containing "%" (percentage character) in its name.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Server exclusion does not work in scheduled scan. As a result, scheduled scan happens on all the servers in the group, despite some servers being excluded from the scanning.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Scheduled scan does not start afresh after finishing the complete data scan.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Intermittent memory leak is detected with Rapid Release enabled on AIX platform.
Solution: Fixed.

Release notes for Symantec Mail Security for Domino

Symptom: 'Ignore the following server processes' option under Auto-Protect tab is not working on AIX. As a result, Symantec Mail Security for Domino is still scanning note update requests from the excluded Domino tasks, e.g., update, router, etc.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Symantec Mail Security for Domino crashes when trying to shut it down by running "tell sav q" command on Domino console.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Some emails show up with 'scan pending' state in and are delivered after a delay of up to 1 hour.
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Domino crashes on AIX due to "Child Died found on task(s) nntask".
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: 0 KB files are piling up under SMSDOM temp directory.
Solution: Fixed. If the extraction of attachment from Domino fails due to some reason, corresponding 0 KB files already created will be removed.

Definition Update: Updated Standard AntiSpam definition to 2009072901.

Release notes for Symantec Mail Security for Domino

Symptom: Symantec Mail Security for Domino panics if a document it is scanning gets deleted from the
Solution: Modified the source to report only an error in debug log instead of panic when a document is deleted while undergoing scanning.

Symptom: Several important defects were fixed in the Decomposer component used by Symantec Mail Security for Domino.
Solution: Component has been upgraded to the latest available version.

Symptom: Minimum system requirement for Java LiveUpdate is JRE 1.5 but installer error shows it as JRE 1.4.
Solution: Modified the installer to check for JRE 1.5 requirement.
Message: New error message reads: "LiveUpdate requires a minimum of JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 1.5 and above. Please install the required JRE version and continue with the installation. This setup will abort now."

Symptom: Documentation has references to LiveUpdate shortcut that does not exist.
Solution: Removed the references to LiveUpdate shortcut from documentation.

Symptom: Dead mails with status "Symantec AntiVirus scanning" are left in the
Solution: Fixed.

Symptom: Several important defects were fixed in the KeyView Filter component used by the attachment content filter module.
Solution: KeyView Filter component is upgraded to latest available version.

Symptom: Need to add Symantec Mail Security 8.0 for Domino in Symantec Product Catalog within LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA).
Solution: Symantec Mail Security 8.0 for Domino is added to the catalog file in LiveUpdate Administrator version 2.2.2.

If you use LiveUpdate Administrator to push definitions to Mail Security Servers, include the product "Symantec Mail Security 8.0 for Domino" to your product list in the LiveUpdate Administrator.

NOTE: To get the catalog entry for Symantec Mail Security 8.0 for Domino, download and install LiveUpdate Administrator version 2.2.2 from the following URL:

User Interface: LiveUpdate Administrator version 2.2.2 now reflects Symantec Mail Security 8.0 for Domino on the UI.