About Scan reports and logs
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About Scan reports and logs


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Details required about information in scan reports and logs


About the information in the Scan reports and logs

      The Scan reports and log contain information about antivirus and antispyware scan activity.
      The below table describes some typical uses for the kind of information that you can get from Scan quick reports and log.
Report or log Typical uses
Scan Statistics Histogram Group by scan time when you use this report to see a histogram of how long it takes for scheduled scans to complete on clients. You might want to change the time the scan is scheduled for based on this information. You can filter this report based on the number of files that were scanned. These results can help you to see if any users restrict the scans to a small number of files on their computers.
Computers by Last Scan Time Use this report to identify the computers that have not run a scan recently. You can configure it to look for the last day or the last week or a custom time period that you want to check.
Computers Not Scanned Use this report to get a list of the computers that have not been scanned for a specific time period. This report also tells you the computers' IP addresses by specific domains or by groups. These computers may be at risk.
Scan log You can sort this log by scan duration to identify the computers that take the longest time to scan in your network. Based on this information, you can customize scheduled scans for these computers if needed.

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