Top senders report shows sender (None)
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Top senders report shows sender (None)


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Messaging Gateway


After running the report of Top Senders,  many senders are shown as (none)


The NDR message does not have a sender. Therefore, the sender value is set to "none."


The report is working as designed.

You may track null sender messages using the Message Audit Log by doing the following if you desire more details:

  1. Login to the Control Center
  2. Select the Status tab.
  3. Select  SMTP
  4. Select Message Audit Logs
  5. Set the filter to the following options:
    Host: All Scanners
    Mandatory Filter: Sender
    Mandatory Filter Value: <>
    Optional Filter: Verdict
    Optional Filter Value: The message has no verdicts
  6. Set the Time Range to the desired range.
  7. Click on the Display Filtered button.

This will allow you to find all messages that were not included in the report due to a null verdict such as Virus/Spam.