Post-install FAQ for Symantec Mail Security 6.5 for Microsoft Exchange


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


This document provides answers to common post-installation and configuration questions about Symantec Mail Security 6.5 for Microsoft Exchange



Question: Where can I find step-by-step configuration instructions?
Answer: The Implementation Guide contains instructions for configuring all of the product features. You can find the Implementation Guide and other documentation in the DOCS folder of your installation media and on the Symantec Web site.

Question: Will I need to reboot after installing or upgrading to SMSMSE 6.5?
Answer: A reboot is not required for a new installation. On Exchange 2007/2010 a reboot may be required due to locked files.
Reference: Is it Necessary to Reboot the Exchange Server after Upgrading Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange?

Question: How do I apply licenses?
Answer: To apply licenses, go to Admin > Licensing in the Console and follow the directions. If you do not have a license, go to the Symantec Licensing Portal. You will need to supply your 11-digit serial number.
Reference: Applying a license (.SLF) file for Symantec Mail Security for Exchange

Question: Can I import settings from a previous version of SMSMSE?
Answer: You can import settings from SMSMSE 6.0.x into SMSMSE 6.5. You cannot import settings from SMSMSE 5.x or earlier. When you upgrade from SMSMSE 5,x, most settings are preserved.
Reference: About Migrating to Symantec Mail Security 6.5 for Microsoft Exchange from a previous version

Question: What exclusions do I need if Symantec Endpoint Protection or Symantec AntiVirus is installed on the same computer?
Answer: Symantec Endpoint Protection automatically excludes the needed folders for Exchange. However, two product directories need to be excluded manually:

<drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\SMSMSE\6.5\Server\Temp
<drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\SMSMSE\6.5\Server\Quarantine

Read the article for your version of SEP or SAV for complete details.

Question: How do I configure LiveUpdate if Symantec Endpoint Protection or Symantec AntiVirus is installed on the same computer?
Answer: Configure Symantec AntiVirus or SEP to perform definition updates. For Exchange Server 2010/2007, you must also configure Mail Security to perform definition updates. You can change LiveUpdate settings on the Admin tab of the Console.

Question: How do I enable Premium AntiSpam?
Answer: In the Console, select the server or group whose settings you want to change. Click Policies > Premium AntiSpam Settings, and then check Enable Symantec Premium AntiSpam. Then, click Premium AntiSpam Actions to configure what actions to take when spam is detected. Click Deploy changes when you have the desired configuration.
Reference: Overview of Premium AntiSpam in Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange

Question: Can I add legacy servers to the Console?
Answer: Only version 6.5 servers should be added to the 6.5 console using the Add Servers command. Adding 5.0 or earlier servers to the 6.5 console is not supported. You can install the 6.5 console in tandem with the 5.0 and 4.6 consoles to support management of multiple versions of servers.

Question: How can I completely remove SMSMSE 6.5?
Answer: Use Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel to uninstall SMSMSE. If you encounter problems, follow the manual removal instructions for your version.
Reference: Manual removal instructions for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering for Microsoft Exchange, or Norton AntiVirus for Microsoft Exchange

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