Pre-install FAQ for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 6.5.x


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


This document provides answers to common pre-installation questions about Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 6.5.x (SMSMSE 6.5.x).


Question: Where can I find step-by-step installation instructions?
Answer: The Implementation Guide contains complete installation instructions. You can find this and other documentation in the DOCS folder of your installation media and on the Symantec Web site.

Question: Will I need to reboot after installing or upgrading to SMSMSE 6.5.x?
Answer: A reboot is not required. On Exchange 2007, a reboot prompt may appear, but only non-critical components such as reporting will be affected by ignoring the prompt.
Reference: Is it Necessary to Reboot the Exchange Server after Upgrading Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange?

Question: Can I install SMSMSE 6.5.x remotely?
Answer: You can install SMSMSE remotely through the console. You cannot upgrade from a previous version through silent installation or remote installation. Installing remotely on cluster servers is neither recommended nor supported.

Question: Can I import settings from a previous version of SMSMSE?
Answer: You can import settings from SMSMSE 6.0.x into SMSMSE 6.5.x. You cannot import settings from SMSMSE 5.x or earlier. When you upgrade from SMSMSE 5,x, most settings are preserved.
Reference: About upgrading to Symantec Mail Security 6.5 for Microsoft Exchange from a previous version

Question: What version of .NET Framework is required?
Answer: .NET Framework version 2.0 is required on Exchange 2007/2003. .NET framework version 3.5 is required on Exchange 2010. For detailed system requirements, read the document for your version of Microsoft Exchange:

Question: How can I completely remove a previous version of SMSMSE?
Answer: Use Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel to uninstall SMSMSE. If you encounter problems, follow the manual removal instructions for your version.
Reference: Manual removal instructions for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, Symantec Antivirus/Filtering for Microsoft Exchange, or Norton Antivirus for Microsoft Exchange

Question: How do I obtain and apply a license?
Answer: Obtain the license from the Symantec Licensing Portal. You will need to supply your 11-digit serial number. You can apply the license when prompted during the installation or after the product is installed.
Reference: Applying a license (.SLF) file for Symantec Mail Security for Exchange

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