When Attempting to Manually Register a Premium AntiSpam License for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) in a proxy environment: "Unable to save registration data to your disk. Please check available disk space or permissions, and try again."


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


Not able to install Premium Antispam license correctly, You are trying to install license file manually in a proxy enviornment using register.exe

You are getting following error when using register.exe to install your Premium Antispam license.



There may be two causes for this error: (1) The path for the "cert.pem" file in the bmiconfig.xml is incorrect, You might have to modify whole Bmiconfig.xml file and replace correct path. (2) Your ISA 2004/2006 server is not configured correctly


Solution 1: The path for the "cert.pem" file in the bmiconfig.xml is incorrect
Please check that the bmiconfig.xml has correct path for the "cert.pem" file, so that it can save cert.pem file to the correct location.

Depending on your installation, the bmiconfig.xml file is located at one of the following places:

  • <Drive>:Program Files(x86)SymantecSMSMSE6.0ServerSpamPreventionbmiconfig.xml
  • <Drive>:Program FilesSymantecSMSMSE6.0ServerSpamPreventionbmiconfig.xml
  • <Drive>:Program FilesSymantecSMSMSE5.0ServerSpamPreventionbmiconfig.xml

Edit this file with a text editor such as Notepad. Ensure that the "<clientCert>" entry reads like this:

  • For Symantec Information Foundation Mail Security for Exchange 6.0.x default installation.
    <clientCert>C:Program Files(x86)SymantecSMSMSE6.0Serveretccert.pem</clientCert>
    <clientCert>C:Program Files(x86)SymantecSMSMSE6.0Serveretccert.pem</clientCert>
  • For Symantec Mail Security for Exchange version 5.0.x
    <clientCert>C:Program FilesSymantecSMSMSE5.0Serveretccert.pem</clientCert>

After confirming these values, try to register the license again using register.exe.

Solution 2: Your ISA 2004/2006 server is not configured correctly to allow traffic to register.brightmail.com

If you are still having problems please check ISA server logs under the "Monitoring > Logging" screen, as shown in the figure below to determine which rule is blocking the connection to register.brightmail.com, and then modify that rule to allow connection.

You can check is ISA server logging and monitoring page to see which rule is blocking the trrafic.

Please note: Symantec does not provide technical support for ISA server. For further support with this product, please contact Microsoft.

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