What are the "Release Dates" for the Symantec Messagingl Gateway appliance versions?


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For Symantec Messaging Gateway appliance products (formerly known as Symantec Brightmail Gateway appliance products), the Release Details page on the Symantec Support site shows a "Release Date." This posted "Release date" is actually the date when the software is added to the Symantec price list and made generally available for licensing. This means that the posted "Release Date" is a later date than when the software is actually put into the repository and made available for the customers to access.


The Support web site http://www.symantec.com/business/support/release_details.jsp?pid=53991 shows a Release date based on the product's General Availability (GA) date. The GA date is the date the product is added to the Symantec price list. However the GA date is not the same date as when the software is put in the repository and is available for updating. The software is release ready and GA, but there are some differences in the dates and terminology used by Marketing and Support/Product Dev. This means that the date that the software is actually becomes available for updating may be weeks to months earlier than the Release Date posted on the Symantec site.