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Symantec is committed to listening to our customers and improving our products based on your business needs. This article offers guidelines for making best use of our product suggestion website.


Distinguish between a product defect (bug) and a product suggestion (idea)

  • A product defect is typically when the product is not behaving by design, i.e. not as described in the product documentation. In this case, a support case should be opened with Symantec Support, who will help validate the defect and escalate it to engineering as appropriate, so the defect can be fixed. Symantec Support may also be able to suggest interim workarounds.
  • A product suggestion is typically when the desired functionality/capability is outside of what is currently covered in the product manual and documentation. Product suggestions are considered for future releases of the product only.
  • If you are unsure of which category your request falls, please discuss with Symantec Support.

Submit a product suggestion

  1. Log in to Symantec Connect, or register for a new account.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate Ideas page for your product:
  3. Using the search box and filters, browse existing ideas to see if the one you had in mind is already present.
    • If the idea already exists, you can vote in its favor.
    • If the idea is not already present, click Create Content > Ideas to log this suggestion, and enable other community members to vote on it.

      Note: Select the appropriate product and only log one suggestion per idea. If the product you wish to log the suggestion for is not listed, select the closest matching product.

What's next?

  • You will be automatically notified by email when any comments or status updates are added to the relevant product suggestion.
  • Symantec Product Management will periodically review submitted product suggestions and consider them when planning for future releases of the product. While we may not be able to respond to all suggestions we receive, each suggestion will be at a minimum reviewed and considered. If your suggestion is urgent or high impact, please ensure to follow-up also via your local Symantec Sales representative to ensure a timely response.
  • Other community members who visit the Ideas website may comment on or vote for those ides which they believe are most relevant and required in the product. Over time, the most popular ideas will rise in rank and the less popular ones will drop in rank. Product Management are committed to, at a minimum, respond and provide status on the most popular ideas, as voted for by the community.