About ****SUMMARIZED DATA**** entries in Endpoint Protection Manager Risk Reports
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About ****SUMMARIZED DATA**** entries in Endpoint Protection Manager Risk Reports


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Endpoint Protection


What does "****SUMMARIZED DATA***" mean in a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) Risk Report?

When viewing Risk Reports in SEPM, there are one or more entries with "****SUMMARIZED DATA****" in the "File/Entry" field. An extract:

Computer Name Source Risk Name Occurrences File Path
XXXX4 Auto-Protect Adware.GoonSquad!g1 2 ****SUMMARIZED DATA****
XXXX9 Auto-Protect W32.Rotinom 8 ****SUMMARIZED DATA****
XXXX0 Manual Scan ALS.Bursted.B 14 ****SUMMARIZED DATA****
XXXX8 Manual Scan Trojan.Gen.2 3 ****SUMMARIZED DATA****
XXXX1 Manual Scan Adware.Popuppers 2 ****SUMMARIZED DATA****
XXXX98 Auto-Protect Adware.BL 2 ****SUMMARIZED DATA****


"****SUMMARIZED DATA****" indicates several identical "risk found" events grouped into a single event. After a designated time, these identical events have been compressed into one entry to conserve space in the SEPM database.  

These settings can be configured by administrators. Database maintenance options help you to manage the size of your database by specifying compression settings and how long to keep data.


To adjust the settings that apply to compressed events in SEPM, go to Admin > Servers > Database > Edit Database Properties > Log Settings > 'Compress risk events after:'