LiveUpdate Administrator 'Forgot Password' link generates a "Mail Server is not configured" error when clicked


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Why does the 'Forgot Password' link in the LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x) log-on screen return an error that the Mail Server is not configured?

You cannot login to LiveUpdate Administrator, and when clicking on the 'Forgot Password' Link the following error is returned: "Mail Server is not configured" or "No email server is configured. Please configure email server before proceeding."



During the installation of LiveUpdate Administrator, a Mail Server was not configured, and therefore the system has no e-mail address to which it can send the forgotten password.


There is a file used by LiveUpdate Administrator that contains the configuration information for the Mail Server. The location for this file is:

C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate Administrator\tomcat\webapps\lua\WEB-INF\classes

The name of the file is LUA.XML. Create a backup copy, then use notepad or another text editor to edit this file.

The portion that you need to edit is here:

<Servername default="SMTP Server" encrypt="false" sort="1"type="server">emailserverhere</Servername>
<FromAddress default="[email protected]" encrypt="false" sort="2" type="emailid">emailaddresshere</FromAddress>

Note: In the above section of LUA.XML you'll want to input your Mail Server's netbios name where it says "emailserverhere", and input the address you want the forgotten password e-mailed to where it says "emailaddresshere".

After doing this, save and exit the .xml file, then restart the LUA Apache Tomcat Services.

Try login to LiveUpdate Administrator and click on Forgot Password link.

It will send an email to the e-mail address which you have specified.