How to replace a lost password in Symantec Protection Engine 7 and 8
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How to replace a lost password in Symantec Protection Engine 7 and 8


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Scan Engine Protection for SharePoint Servers Protection Engine for NAS


You lost the administration password for Symantec Protection Engine and seek the information on how to reset it.


  • Set the password by using the xmlmodifier.jar command.
  • If all fails reinstall the Scan Engine.

Using the xmlmodifier command:

  1. Stop the Scan Engine service on a Windows box or daemon on a Linux box/Solaris box 
  2. Make a backup of the .xml configuration files, copy them to a different location.
  3. Reset the Scan Engine password with the xmlmodifier.jar command, please see the steps below to set the Scan Engine password value. 
  4. Start the Scan Engine service on Windows box or daemon on Linux box/Solaris box 

To set the password value with xmlmodifier.jar

  • Open a command line interface (CLI) prompt, browse to:

    <Drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\Scan Engine
    ON Linux box/Solaris box - /opt/SYMCScan/bin

    Type in:
    xmlmodifier –p "<password>" configuration.xml
  • ...where <password>  is the password you wish to type to log into the web interface of Scan Engine.

    Note: The password must be in the double quotes.

NOTE: If the following procedure fails to reset the password for the Scan Engine web interface, please copy the .xml files in the Scan Engine folder to a neutral location as a backup, then reinstall Scan Engine.