Error "501 'STOU <filename> ' : Invalid number of parameters" during FTP transfer from AS/400 to collect events from IBM System iAudit


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There is an error message during the FTP Transfer of the IBM System iAudit audit log.

During the FTP Transfer of the audit log from the AS/400 that IBM System iAudit is on, the error "501 'STOU ' : Invalid number of parameters" displays.



The Collector Guide tells you to use the SUNIQUE command to make sure the log transfered to the collector computer has a unique name. Microsoft IIS does not properly handle the SUNIQUE command from the AS/400 computer.


There are two solutions. You must choose which works in your environment best.

First Solution
The first solution is to find an FTP product that properly handles the SUNIQUE command.
This solution is the easiest to Automate since the SUNIQUE command can then ensure unique filenames.

Second Solution
The second solution is to not use the SUNIQUE command and specify the new filename in the PUT command.
This solution is more difficult to automate because the script will always use the same new name, unless you manually edit the script.

Here is an Example:

STRTCPFTP RMTSYS('ftp_server, IP_address, or host_name here')
When prompted, enter your login credentials.
PUT /home/auditlog