What is the Agent Management script
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What is the Agent Management script


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You see the agentmgmt.bat or agentmgmt.sh and want to know what it is.



The agent management script is available to perform certain functions with the Symantec Event agent.

    To start the agent management script:
    • In Windows
    1. Navigate to the Event agent folder, usually C:\Program Files\Symantec\Event Agent
    2. Double click or Run Agentmgmt,bat
    • In Linux
    1. SSH to the Linux server
    2. Type 'su -' and provide the root password when prompted.
    3. Type /opt/Symantec/sesa/Agent/agentmgmt.sh
    There are 12 functions available in the agent management script
    1. Show Agent Status
      This will show the number of events that have been received and forwarded by the agent since it was restarted. Run this repeatedly noting the event counts each time to see if the agent is processing events.
    2. Flush Agent Queue
      This will cause the agent to process everything in its queue. Use this if agent communication was lost and you believe it is restored and you want it to immediately process its queue.
    3. Reload Agent Configurations
      This will force the agent to reload the configuration setup in the SSIM. This is rarely used but can be tried if your agent configurations did not update after making a change in the SSIM console.
    4. Force Agent to Check In (Heartbeat)
      This will force the agent to check in to the SSIM. Use this if your collector shows as Unavailable in the Visualizer.
    5. Force agent to sent its software inventory and state updates
      Use this if you see an agent listed in the visualizer but there are no Collectors under that agent.
    6. View Log files.
      This will display the sesa agent log in the viewer. To collect the logs from the SSIM appliance follow the steps in this document. To gather a complete set of logs from a collector machine follow the steps in this document.
    7. Force rebootstrap.
      This will take you through the rebootstrap process. It may be necessary to follow this document to force rebootstrap in certain circumstances. DO NOT rebootstrap the agent on the SSIM appliance.
    8. Gather data for support.
      This will create a ZIP file with some data that may be useful for technical support.The zip file that is created will be stored in:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Temp\sesa-<machine name>.zip
    9. Enable/Disable collector debug
      This function will enable debug mode for the AGENT (not the collector despite the listing on the menu). This function is rarely used, as Agent debug mode is usually not useful. See this document or this document for more information about debug mode.
    10. Start the agent
      This will start the agent.
    11. Stop the agent
      This will stop the agent.
    12. Quit
      This will quit the agent management script.