Are Endpoint Protection drivers loaded and services running?
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Are Endpoint Protection drivers loaded and services running?


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Endpoint Protection


One or more of the services or drivers required by Symantec Endpoint Protection is not running.



Note: To check if this issue exists or has been resolved on the computer in question, download and run SymDiag. Please be informed that SymDiag assumes all features are installed and enabled. You may not require all services and drivers that SymDiag reports as missing/warning if some features are not installed/enabled in your environment by choice.

If certain services or drivers are not loaded and running, there may be a problem either with Symantec Endpoint Protection or with the environment. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Make sure that you have not disabled Endpoint Protection manually. If Endpoint Protection is disabled (for instance by right clicking on the System Tray icon), it will automatically start up after a period of time. 
  • Open the Symantec Endpoint Protection client and look for any warnings or error messages. If there is a warning, note the component that is experiencing issues.
  • Check the Windows Event Viewer for warnings or errors.
    Typically these occur around the time that Windows last started, or around the time that the problem first appeared.
  • To access the Windows Event Viewer in Windows Vista/Server 2008 or later 
    1. From the Start Menu or Windows Explorer, right-click Computer, then click Manage.
    2. Under either System Tools or Diagnostics, click Event Viewer.
    3. In the right pane, under Summary of Administrative Events, look for warnings or errors which mention any of the Endpoint Protection services or drivers listed in the Support Tool's output.
  • Were any recent changes made to the system? In particular, were any software changes made?
  • Are there any applications installed that hook into the operating system on a kernel level, such as antivirus products or disk encryption utilities?
  • Examine any applications that have installed device drivers. To identify these appliactions, open the Device Manager, and click View > Show hidden devices > show devices by connection. Make a note of any items with exclamation marks.

Due to the complexities and variables involved with the many services that Symantec Endpoint Protection installs, issues involving their operation often require opening a ticket with support.

Specific service problems
The following services have specific issues associated with them. For information on these problems, refer to the appropriate document.


Service/Driver Document
Wpshelper Endpoint Protection Support Tool Report: WPshelper service failure
Srtsp Support Tool Error: SRTSP Service
SPBBCDrv Support Tool Error: SPBBCDrv
Naveng/Navex15 Support Tool Service error: NAVENG/NAVEX15
SemSrv Support Tool Service Error: SEMSRV