How to apply Hard Drive firmware updates to your Symantec appliance hardware.
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How to apply Hard Drive firmware updates to your Symantec appliance hardware.


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You want to know whether your Symantec appliance needs firmware updates for its installed Hard Drives. If so, you would also like to know how to apply them.



Some models of Maxtor Hard Drives in the appliance need a firmware update to address potential failures.


NOTE: If you have already have a failed Hard Drive, please contact Symantec Technical Support to replace the hardware. There is no need to follow these steps once the Hard Drive has failed.

If you need to apply the Hard Drive firmware update you will receive an update notification. If you do not receive this update notice, you do not need to apply the Hard Drive firmware.

Symantec recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. To apply the firmware update please go through the following steps:

Symantec Recommends backing up your appliance data before proceeding with the following steps

1. Download the Hard Drive update utility from the following link using the "Download Now" button:

2. Once this is downloaded, run the executable on the machine where you want to create the .iso image. This will launch an automated program to create the .iso image.

If it does not auto-run, the executable will be located in the "C:\Dell\Drivers\R12345" folder by default on a Microsoft Windows installation.

3. Select "Create a Bootable CD" from the list. This will give you the option to either save the .iso image to your local hard drive, or burn it directly to a CD.

Make sure to burn this as an "image" and not burn as a single file to the CD. You can verify this by exploring the CD after it has been burnt. There should be a single text file viewable which states that the image was burnt successfully.

4. After having the diags.iso image burnt to a CD, place the CD into the Symantec appliance's CD-ROM drive and reboot.

Please note that your appliance needs to be set to boot off of the CD-ROM drive in order to apply this update.

5. The update will default to start automatically with a non-interactive install. While the update is in progress, status will show "Testing". This is an indication that the drive firmware is being flashed, no other tests are occurring.

NOTE: Do not power cycle your system while the update is in progress! You will be notified when it is finished!

6. Once the update is finished, remove the CD from the CD-ROM drive.