How to update Symantec Mobile Security devices from a Demilitarized Zone
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How to update Symantec Mobile Security devices from a Demilitarized Zone


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Mobile Security


Can Symantec Mobile Security devices (PDA's, smartphones) be updated from an internal server rather than from public LiveUpdate servers?


It is possible to update from an internal server.  The suggested way to do this would be to:

1. Setup a LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x) or LiveUpdate Administration Utility 1.x (LUAU 1.x) server inside the internal network which has Internet access
2. Configure it to download definitions for Mobile Security
3. Configure the distribution center on the DMZ network server.  (This should be accessible by HTTP using port 80)
4. In the LiveUpdate configuration file for each mobile device, configure the URL of the DMZ server repository location


  • LUA 2.x/LUAU 1.x like this will provide content updates only, no policy pushes or log uploads.
  • LUAU 1.x is lighter tool whereas LUA 2.x is a larger server utility. If only Mobile Security products are to be updated, LUAU 1.x might be a better choice than LUA 2.x.
  • Mobile Security content updates are very small so it may not be necessary to setup a LUA 2.x/LUAU 1.x if the devices have Internet access

Details for all the supported methods of updating content (LiveUpdate Repackager, etc) can be found in the Implementation Guide on the product CD, and in the articles referenced below.


Applies To

  • Your mobile device has been restricted from accessing the Internet so it cannot update directly via the Internet.
  • You want the mobile devices to update from inside a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
  • Windows Mobile and / or Android devices are in use in your organization.