SSIM and External storage - what to consider before you get your storage


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How are various storage types attached?  What configurations are supported?  What needs to be done for the SSIM appliance to detect it?



Before purchasing any hardware, check the imbedded RHEL version and ensure that that device is supported by that specific OS version.   If your hardware is not on the RHEL HCL (hardware compatiblity list), it is _not_ supported.


  • Hardware for SSIM 4.7 needs to be on the HCL for RHEL 4.8
  • Hardware for SSIM 4.8.0 needs to be on the HCL for RHEL 6.0
  • Hardware for SSIM 4.8.1 needs to be on the HCL for RHEL 6.4


 SSIM supports the following external storage types:

  • SAN - Storage Array Network - single and multipath
  • NAS - Network Array Storage - fibre and copper
  • DAS - Direct Attached Storage - SCSI or SAS


Customers will need to work with the manufactures of the SAN/NAS/DAS as to how to phyically connect their device to the SSIM. Once the device is recognizable via parted or fdisk, we can work with it. Symantec support does not assist in configuring third party SAN/NAS devices. 


For the use of multipath, currently SSIM supports two options, RHEL's device-mapper-multipath and EMC's PowerPath.  If the customer wishes to use EMC software, they will need to contact EMC for support.

If you wish to use RHEL's multipath software it can be found here:


 If you use RedHat's software, you will likely want to add a black list.  Please do not just copy and paste. The below suggestions are guidlines and may or may not work in your environment.


Under /etc/multipath.conf you need configure certain paramaters depending upon your setup environment. For example, blacklist the devices that you won’t need under multipath configuration. You need to blacklist for example, internal disk being used. If you don’t do so, /dbsesa fails during reboot.

As an example only: To blacklist internal disks on a Dell multiple disk SSIM server change multipath.conf file to:

devnode_blacklist {
devnode "^sd[a|b]"

As an example only: To blacklist internal disks on an HP multiple disk SSIM server change multipath.conf file to:

devnode_blacklist {
devnode "^cciss"

You also need to uncomment the lines under multipath-tools configuration section depending upon your environment; some of these settings are more common and you need to uncomment all of those. For more details about multipath.conf please refer



Once you have configured and mounted the external storage device you can then configure SSIM to use it.

    • Open the SSIM Web Configuration page (https://<ip address of ssim>) and select the External Storage link. From there you will select the mount point you created when you installed and configured the SAN.
    • Open the SSIM UI and go to the System Tile -> Server Configurations for SSIM 4.7 -> Event Storage Rules and create a rule or rules to use the SAN for your Event Archives.